4/14 Exclusible Team

We have an amazing and fascinating team behind our disruptive and permium platform. We work every day to redesign and rewrite the future of digital luxury and every day that passes means we are one day closer.

Learn more about the brilliants minds behind Exclusible at https://next.exclusible.com/team/

Exclusible — September Update

Hello, wonderful community!

It has been a while since you have heard from us.

We can say that we have been slightly (very) busy, and now, we can finally share with you everything that we have been up to ! Well, almost everything, a few little secrets, never killed anyone, right?

Learn all about our amazing news at https://next.exclusible.com/exclusible/community-find-out-what-weve-been-up-to/

Exclusible — Building the ultimate luxury #NFT platform.

NFT is the word on Crypto Street. The gospel everybody wants to hear. Time to preach this gospel for your reading pleasure. NFT has won over many people in a short amount of time, the phenomenon to beat that is maybe CR7 coming back home to Manchester United. NFT now has the attention of luxury consumers, artists, gamers, and even digital cat enthusiasts in the form of CryptoKitties.

Learn more about NFTs at https://next.exclusible.com/nft/what-is-an-nft/

Exclusible NFT Collection

We are psyched to unveil a great surprise for our Community members!

As some of you might know, we will launch our own Exclusible NFT in October. From now until that first drop, we will run 2 contests per week. For each context, two members of our community can be eligible to win a free Exclusible NFT. You can participate in the giveaway via Discord or Twitter account!

Learn more about the contests and all the amazing surprises we have for you at https://next.exclusible.com/news-updates/hot-news-contest-alert-exclusible-nft-collection/

It’s true, we did magic! Exclusible raised €2.2M to launch global luxury NFT Platform! We are now working at full speed to bring the future of digital luxury to our community.

Do you want to know more about our incredible and supportive investors? Read the full article on our website.


Exclusible is exploring new ways for luxury brands to create a strong and lasting relationship with their younger customers, through Virtual and Augmented Reality. With this objective in mind, we are happy to announce a new partnership with Apes 3D, the first fully 3D Animated Digital Voxel Art collection of Apes!

Do you want to know more about this fascinating partnership? Read all about it on our website and share your thoughts with us!


Between VOGUE Business highlights, exclusive AirDrop launches, NFT exhibitions and the growth of our digital presence, find out all about our August community update on our website.

You can read more here: https://next.exclusible.com/exclusible/community-update-august-2021/

Photo by Richard Horvath on Unsplash

How is Metaverse linked to Luxury? For some this is the million dollar question!

If you want to learn and investigate more about the topic go to our website and read our helpful insight on the metaverse’s relationship with the luxury industry.


There was a time when people thought luxury items couldn’t be sold online. To most people it just looked like an almost impossible task, until the arrival of e-commerce platforms in the 2000s. The narrative was changed forever and the internet became the playground of luxury goods through platforms like Net-a-Porter, Farfetch, Rent-The-Runway and more.

This was possible because a few people with vision were adamant that luxury could sell online. The same way that Exclusible has the vision that luxury NFTs have a bight future.

NFTs are another impossibility made possible. NFTs have broken down barriers around traditional assets…

Hello everybody!

Today we want to announce an Exclusible Airdrop.

To celebrate Exclusible’s e-commerce platform launch later this year, we are going to airdrop 1000 collectible alphabet letters in different airdrop events over 2021 and 2022 or until one lucky person completes the collection.

The first person to collect “E X C L U S I B L E” is automatically eligible to go to Space!

Do you want to learn more about this opportunity? Visit our website and stay on top of everything!



Premium platform for luxury NFTs : www.exclusible.com

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