What is Exclusible ?

2 min readJul 24, 2021


There was a time when people thought luxury items couldn’t be sold online. To most people it just looked like an almost impossible task, until the arrival of e-commerce platforms in the 2000s. The narrative was changed forever and the internet became the playground of luxury goods through platforms like Net-a-Porter, Farfetch, Rent-The-Runway and more.

This was possible because a few people with vision were adamant that luxury could sell online. The same way that Exclusible has the vision that luxury NFTs have a bight future.

NFTs are another impossibility made possible. NFTs have broken down barriers around traditional assets by bringing them onto the blockchain where they are accessible to all. The unique tokenization of these assets is one of the main drivers of value in the crypto world.

Luxury brands are already trying to key into the NFT market. This is why we believe the time is right to create a Net-a-Porter of NFTs and that is exactly what we’ve built at Exclusible.

Exclusible wants to create an exclusive marketplace for luxury brands to bring their products and services to the NFT ecosystem, similar to what Sorare has done for football collectibles.

However, Exclusible is not about football or gaming, instead for luxury items from premier brands. On Exclusible, you can buy, sell, and negotiate luxury digital products. NFTs minted by luxury brands can also be resold on Exclusible’s secondary market.

Exclusible aims to gain the first-mover advantage by being the first NFT marketplace solely dedicated to luxury brands, as well as providing luxury brands new ways of connecting with their clients on the Exclusible platform.

Luxury brands will have the privilege of accessing an exclusive list of high-end NFT collectors. Exclusible will be there to help these luxury brands develop, design, list and sell their minted NFTs for the best price in the market.

There is a surprise for early bird users on the Exclusible platform as the platform intends to perform an airdrop of all the letters in its name “Exclusible.” The NFTs will be one of a kind, and are sure to be very rewarding for those lucky to get hold of them.

What a way to reward those that share the same vision as Exclusible. This project will serve as the perfect platform for luxury brands to publicly declare their zeal for NFTs. Exclusible is a platform that is built specifically to match their ambition. Exclusible will redefine the future of luxury and we hope you are as excited as we are!